Top Tip Tuesday!

10 Steps – How to Choose the Best Photographer for your Wedding Day.

  1. Quality – Always check the portfolio! Make sure they can provide good quality photographs and are able to shoot in a variety of light and styles.
  2. Consistency – If you have only seen one or two pictures you like then that photographer is not for you. You want to see a portfolio that flows and is consistent with images you love through the entire album.
  3. Value – Are they within your budget? A great photographer will have a number of different packages to provide you with a plan that works for you. Always check for any hidden costs that might not be shown. Is there added VAT, printing charges?
  4. Personality – Does their work portray your wedding style? Capture your day and remember it the way you want. All photographers have there own style, so pick one that matches yours.
  5. Recommendations – If friends and family were happy then you probably will be to. Ask around and find out who is great from the people that have tried and tested. It is always great trying someone new, but recommendations are always helpful.
  6. Arrange a meeting – Do you get on with them? It is easy to forget that you have to spend all day with your photographer. If you pick someone you do not get along with, this can ruin your whole day! Make sure you have spoken to and spent time with this person to guarantee they are someone you are happy to have attend your special day.
  7. Venue – Have they been before? Do they know the places to get the best shots? If they have worked there before, they should have good knowledge of the best lighting and photo opportunities.
  8. Engagement shoot – Why not test them out? An engagement shoot can really help you connect with your photographer, and help you decide if they are the one for you.
  9. Do they have a back up? – If they are not well or something goes wrong, what are they going to do? Ask your photographer what they have in place to guarantee your wedding runs without a hitch. You want to make sure they have a back up plan in case of emergencies so you can be reassured someone will be there to capture your wedding day to the quality they are offering.
  10. Go with your gut. If it feels right, it probably is right.

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