Top Tips for a Romantic Micro-Wedding

Unfortunately the wedding industry is just one of the the many things that has been impacted by COVID19. However, that does not mean you have to miss out on your dream wedding and we are here to help you do just that.

Here are some top tips to help you plan your dream micro-wedding;

  1. Decide on your guest list – Micro-weddings are small in number with usually no more than 20 guests, this is perfect for our COVID19 brides or those who want an intimate wedding. We suggest you start with your immediate family and then expand this to your closest friends.
  2. Budget – One huge benefit of a micro-wedding is the cost, naturally a smaller number of guests means your cost goes down. This means you can save yourself some money, or make your money go further but splurging on those extra special touches
  3. Location – This is your wedding day and can be held wherever you want. With a micro-wedding you have more options so why not have fun with it. You could search your area for a beautiful garden or a place that holds a significant memory for you and your partner, this will keep the intimate feeling on your big day. Remember your venue does not need to be huge to have an amazing impact on your guest.
  4. Prioritise- Micro means small. To have a micro-wedding you need to find out what your non-negotiables are for you and your partner. Make use of your budget and start with the most important details. This could be your wedding gown, an amazing photographer, gorgeous wedding rings, outside venue and a delicious meal. Do you really need those wedding doves?
  5. Wedding Gown – Ladies, just because you are having a small wedding does not mean you have to sacrifice your wedding dress. You are only going to get married once so make sure you pick the wedding dress of your dreams, no matter your guest numbers!
  6. Make it personal – Without your overwhelming number of guests, you have the time to create thoughtful touches to your special day for you and your guests. You could make your invitations, handwrite your place cards or even incorporate your guests weddings into your own by using their first dance songs as your slow dances.
  7. Lets talk pudding! – Do you really want a huge wedding cake? Now is your chance to say no! You don’t need to feed over a 100 guests so you could scrap the cake and get inventive. Why not choose your favourite puddings like chocolate brownies or homemade cookies? You could even create a sweet table with a smaller cake to cut.
  8. Photographer -This is a MUST! No matter the size of your wedding, it is still going to be a momentous occasion and this needs to be captured by a professional photographer. This is not a step to be rushed, you will be spending all day with this person so you have to get on with them or it could impact your whole day! Take your time to look through portfolios and see who is recommended in your local area. Make sure you give them a call or meet up for coffee, you have to be sure your personalities do not clash.
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