Butterworths Bridal Boutique are currently offering four types of appointments:

1. Free – A standard 1 hour appointment with the boutique to yourselves, offering tea, coffee or water. This gives you the opportunity to try on wedding gowns and accessories. You may bring up to, five friends or family members.

2. Premium – £25 for 3 people plus £5 for every subsequent person – Our 2 hour premium appointment offers a little something extra, also providing you with some sweet and/or savoury treats to enjoy alongside your appointment, with a wider range of drink selection. The payment is then deducted if a dress is purchased during this appointment.

3. Virtual – We are still here for you! we will go above and beyond to give you your bridal moment and create special memories. All you need to do is get in touch, so we can arrange a virtual appointment that works for you.

4. Capture the Moment – £60 – Whether this is your first bridal appointment, the moment you purchase your dream gown or you just want to capture a special moment between you and your loved ones, during this 2 hour bridal appointment the 30-45 minute photo shoot is an amazing opportunity to make lasting memories and provides you with 5 fully edited digital photos to add to your wedding album. Additionally, if you book Tara Gillen as your wedding photographer you will receive £50 back off of your wedding photography package. This is subject to photographer availability and all appointments will be confirmed with the photographer.

We will be in touch as soon as possible to confirm your appointment time.

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